In a nature park which is abundant in the untouched beauty of spacious pebble beaches, crystal blue seas, and the songs of gulls hailing dawn with the flutter of their wings and greeting dusk with beautiful songs — a place where myths and legends meet


It is perfectly situated at the point where the Omis and Makarska Rivieras kiss and the Biokovo massif dives mercilessly into the sea. The locality is not only known for its deep fresh water springs, but as well is home to the only protected sea cliffs and underwater springs in all of Croatia.

Boutique hotel Vruja City of water and wind is truly one of Dalmatia’s masterpieces. Using only design methods autochthonous to the region, renowned architect and member of the Croatian Academy, Dinko Kovacic, has truly captured the spirit of a region ancient beyond memory, providing the guests with an opportunity to experience the essence of the Mediterranean during their stay. This ancient locale has been well known through history as the lost city of Pelegrin. Ancient artifacts left behind by the Greeks, Romans, Slavs, and Croats adorn the entirety of Vruja, having once been a famous resting stage along the Emperor’s Road, where famed General Marmont and his soldiers once marched, as witnessed by the beautiful well of Marmont. Many a myth and legend are connected to this region, all of which were captured in a monography by the erudite S.P. Novak, a scholar of historical Croatian literature. In more modern times, Vruja’s natural beauty was a favorite of famed underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau, who came here in the 1970s to explore this Adriatic jewel’s rich and secretive seabed.

Boutique hotel Vruja City of water and wind is the proud winner of the Asia hotel industry excellence awards (CMO ASIA) for the best boutique hotel of the year, held in Singapore in August 2017th.

  • In the ambient of Nature park
  • The only site on Adriatic coast with protected reefs and underwater ground
  • Fresh water sources
  • The monument of the Croatian ambient and rustic architecture
  • Work of reputable and renowned architect and academic Dinko Kovačić
  • Includes unique and timeless exhibition of famous photographer Ivo Pervan
  • Maximum capacity: 20 people
  • Special offer for embassies: whole resort with the best equipped and trained stuff

“I was trying to find agreement and measure.  An agreement between the Contemporary and the Traditional, a measure between Contentment and Happiness.”

– Dinko Kovacic



On site, guests are encouraged to visit our professional fish farm, a theme park hosting ancient artifacts, an outdoor living room, and beachside restaurant and café—all of which you can enjoy after taking refuge in Emperor Diocletian’s private baths or Queen Teuta’s seawater Jacuzzi, long referred to as the elixir of life.

The resort has four suites—one presidential and three designer suites—as well as several deluxe two-bedrooms, all of which bear the name of a famous figure in Croatian history. Honored guests of this hidden jewel have at their disposal a private television studio, which has been used by, among others, former President of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic. In addition to short term stays, we also offer and encourage longer-term leases of the property. Moreover, we believe that the target group which the resort would best cater to, are high paying guests with their families, as well as high level business travelers, as the resort’s remarkable privacy is highly suitable for educational events, political meetings, and corporate teambuilding.


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